Cannabidiol CBD for Back Pain


CBD Application: Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of those things that you just can’t comprehend unless you go through it. It’s so much worse than it sounds. It’s truly debilitating. And, for those who suffer from this ailment, there is no escape. Nothing over the counter comes close to truly alleviating the constant anguish.

In this article, we will point to how CBD might offer hope to those suffering from this unending obstacle to subjective well-being.

Common Treatments for Back Pain

NSAIDS, which are anti-inflammatory drugs, are the most common back pain medications at present. In other words, we are talking about Ibuprofen, Voltaren, and even Valium. When somebody is diagnosed with back pain, bursitis or some other inflammation related condition, Ibuprofen is normally a piece of the medical solution. For inflammatory conditions or some other muscle pain or nerve pain, NSAIDS are as yet thought to be the best treatment.

But NSAIDs do not come without their own set of adversities in the package. Note that your GP will ever articulate a word about this. What they don’t let you know is that a too high dose will cause gastro-intestinal disorders including constipation and ulcers.

Intervertebral discs are the cartilaginous discs separating the vertebrae in the spinal cord. They are the back’s shock absorbers. When they deteriorate, everyday movement becomes painful as the discs fail to handle their jobs properly.

About 25% of the populace is constantly dealing with this type of IVD degeneration, but there is still no viable treatment in sight. Except, perhaps, for CBD, as we will discuss below.

Current Research

We have seen the scientific field progress toward a greater appreciation for CBD and its potential as a palliative for pain as well as inflammation.

Great strides are underway to push this process forward. One interesting study got going in 2015, when a connection was found among Cannabinoids and their impact on perpetual back pain and related conditions. CBD (Cannabidiol), may be especially appropriate for our body’s pain issues.

In this study, 19 rats were essentially given a condition like IVD degeneration. Later, an MRI was performed after low dose CBD treatments, but the results did not show material improvement. However, a higher dosage did show a material impact over the 15-day study period. The study resulted in a well-supported conclusion that CBD effectively combatted disc degeneration when high doses were given.

CBD and Back Pain

To make a long story short, it would appear, according to what research data we have at this point, that CBD can potentially help to manage pain associated with chronic back issues resulting from IVD degeneration.

In addition, for those who have poor reactions to current pharmaceutical solutions, this may be an even more inviting route. And, generally speaking, we can and should add back pain to the long list of pain sources for which the anecdotal evidence is piling up in favor of CBD.

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