AMAZONAS FLORES (OTCMKTS:AZFL) Announces Its Subsidiary’s Successful Delivery Of Hemp Product Covering Initial Advanced Sales


Amazon Hemp Ltd is already done with the delivery of the first order of its 1000MG Hemp Full-Plant Extract to Bonsai Med Spa and that is according to the announcement that AMAZONAS FLORES (OTCMKTS:AZFL) made today. Reports indicate that the product has been made available at its initial distribution location.

Plans underway

The businesses guru also revealed that the Amazon Hemp Ltd was on schedule to deliver product to cover all of its advanced sales. Company Chairman, Cortez outlined that the company’s Colorado subsidiary Amazon Hemp with the passage of time was becoming a life project for quite a significant number of people.

Cortez opined, “Now on the market and available to the public our 1000MG Extract was carefully formulated with Chamomile and Peppermint infused into a grape seed oil base. Our marketing efforts have only begun and results thus far make us extremely confident that this product and our program are poised for success.”

Benefits associated with the company’s products

This company’s products are known to promote sleep and relaxation and that is because they contain chemicals that are beneficial to the various persons suffering from several severe ailments. If all moves according to plan, in the course of next week the company might be unveiling the 500 MG Extract. It is also expected that the company’s marketing platforms will be expanding to online sales in a short while.

Amazon Hemp Ltd.’s management as per this moment in time is engaging in the formulation of a wide range of animal products. And it continues hoping that it will soon be able to give a major lift to the revenues that it collects on a yearly basis.

The team of experts is concentrating on the development of several innovative formulas and there reports it might be presenting them to the market in a short while. By infusing the old time recipes with CBD it will be possible to come up with products capable of relieving stress and a wide spectrum of ailments born from the silent killer that has over the years affected humans and animals as well.

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