The Cutting Edge in CBD Extraction


As the revolution continues, and as the degree of legality for CBD continues to expand, the incentive for individuals to invest in new practices, processes, and technologies related to the process of extraction and consumption of CBD continues to grow as well.

One of the consequences of this incentivization structure is better methods for producing better CBD. Think of it this way: increased adoption of CBD for everyday use is essentially something like a vote. If you imagine the market as a democracy (which isn’t a bad analogy at all), then this vote is really about electing the future path of investment by those who control investment capital.

As more and more people use CBD, more and more people controlling capital will invest in producing it, and producing it more effectively and more efficiently.

Say what you want about it, but that’s the beauty of capitalism.

Today, we want to cover the leading edge of new technologies that are coming to the fore in the CBD space.


Bio CBD is an interesting phenomenon that is gaining steam in the marketplace for those involved in the production of CBD. This is really about harvesting everything there is to harvest from the entire plant involved. The goal is to organically isolate CBD and create the best possible yields without ignoring any source.

Here, we’re talking about making CBD more soluble in water – and you can imagine the positive offshoot of that.

Among the advantages of this approach, the strength and potency of the compound is more realistic, the compound is more water-soluble, the same effect can be produced with a smaller dose, the therapeutic impact is heightened, and the rate of absorption of the compound is increased, which also increases the rapidity with which the compound takes effect in an individual’s system.

CBD Isolate

As I’m sure you have noticed, there are lots of trendy new terms popping up here and there in the CBD space. CBD isolate (or nano amplified CBD) has become quite the buzzword of late.

This methodology has been shown to enlarge the absorbability of CBD. Basically, more of the CBD is actually absorbed, making it more efficient in the system.

In addition CBD is of course hydrophobic. Because of this, chains are created that are unable to be absorbed by cells. But this new system separates the parts out and allows a greater percentage of it to be absorbed by the cells.

Liposomal CBD

This is actually a technique that is been around for some time. However, it hasn’t been used in the CBD space.

In other words, it’s something of an industrial inefficiency that this has not already impacted the effectiveness of our CBD processing tools. Basically, here’s how it works

Liposomes are essentially small pockets or sacs that are surrounded by phospholipid membranes. In other words, they’re basically like little cell sacs in the body. When we do a liposomal administration of a substance, we enclose individual molecules inside of these little sacs, which actually increases their ability to enter into the cellular system.

In other words, this is something like using the body’s own methods against it (or for it, in this case).

This has many advantages, including: active ingredients are delivered directly into the cell, the breakdown of nutrients is reduced, and a greater percentage of the CBD and other aspects of the entourage become available to the body for absorption.

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