HempAmericana Inc (OTCMKTS:HMPQ) CEO On Shift To Commercial-Stage Businesses


More recently, Salvador Rosillo, the CEO of HempAmericana Inc (OTCMKTS:HMPQ), stated that early in September the company had issued a press release that showcased the most thrilling moment in the history of company. It has been thrilling because of all the obstacles the company has overcome in the past year, and the scale and power of the scope that is expected in the imminent period.

The highlights

HempAmericana has moved to the edge of commercial operations with a remarkable set of elements in place, including a healthy balance sheet, an advanced production facility and a top-tier team. The company has just switched on one of the best high-capacity Cannabidiol oil extraction and production centres in the Eastern U.S. market. Rosillo stated that they have started to process their initial stock of premium-grade hemp flower amounting to 4,000 lbs. The company has started with its commercial stage activities, with which it will have several thrilling announcements to make in the coming period.

As an expansion plan, HempAmericana will make its presence into other hemp-related projects. These plans would be disclosed in greater detail in imminent communications. The company’s Augusta facility has been set as a pilot plan to serve as the platform for establishing numerous other zero-waste Cannabidiol extraction and production facilities after the initial facility starts producing at full-scale for its preliminary period with optimal results and stable team in place.

In the first week of September, HempAmericana reported the start of initial Cannabidiol oil production at its major production and extraction facility in Augusta, Maine. HempAmericana CEO expressed that this initiative marks a big day in the history of company! They couldn’t be more thrilled. The preliminary production run speaks volumes about their dedicated team in Maine.

Their guys have worked hard to accomplish this milestone. The principal output will primarily consist of crude Cannabidiol Oil extract, which will undergo several filtering procedures to become the desired Isolate for wholesale supply to Cannabidiol oil market merchants for immediate sale.

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