Reliq Health Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:RQHTF) Begins Onboarding of Patients at Texas Based Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance, LLC


Reliq Health Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:RQHTF) has announced onboarding of patients at McAllen, Texas based Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance, LLC (Rio Grande).

Chief Executive Officer of Reliq Health Technologies, Dr. Lisa Crossley said the company is happy to work with Rio Grande. Reliq Health Technologies will offer its award-winning iUGO Care platform to the patients of Rio Grande.

The company will start working with CareOneTeam, the implementation partner, and the clinicians of Rio Grande. The chronic disease patients at Rio Grande will benefit from iUGO Care platform.

The iUGO Care platform will provide alerts to the clinicians if the health of patients is deteriorated. The clinicians will be able to attend to the needy patients immediately.

Junior president of Rio Grande, Dr. Luis Delgado said the health alliance is aimed to provide the patients with high quality and efficient care. The health alliance has twenty four primary care physicians, who will extend the coordinated care to the patients by working with the Medicare. It helps to reduce spending on healthcare.

Reliq Health Technologies Inc Signs An Accord with Australia based AnglicareSA To Begin The Trial of iUGO Care

Reliq Health Technologies Inc has entered into a pact with Adelaide, Australia based AnglicareSA. As per the terms of the accord, the company will initiate the trial of iUGO Care remote patient monitoring platform in Australia.

Dr. Lisa of Reliq Health Technologies Inc has said the company is happy to provide the improved care to older people in Australia by closely working with AnglicareSA.

AnglicareSA is engaged in offering home care to over one thousand and five hundred people in Australia. It is also maintaining 6 residential care facilities for Australians. It can make use of iUGO Care platform to provide the patient monitoring services on a trial basis remotely in their own homes. It is useful for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Reliq Health Technologies Inc is taking advantage of the government’s initiative to make home care a priority. Australians aged 65 and above estimated at more than 3.5 million is a perfect fit for the iUGO care platform of Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

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