Recent Cannabis Oil Shipment To STENOCARE Becomes A Major Achievement For CannTrust Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CNTTF)


CannTrust Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CNTTF) is quite pleased after it completed the first shipment of cannabis oils to STENOCARE. The business guru made the announcement today and it looks forward to enhancing medicine in Denmark a great deal. The Danish Medicine Agency is in agreement with the shipment and it is a good thing that patients will now be in a position to access CannTrust’s cannabis oil in the state.

The turn of events

It was on January this year that medical cannabis was for the very first time legalized in Denmark. Since then, patients and physicians have been looking forward to the unveiling of cannabis oil products in the market. Sources indicate that these products are useful in the overall management of nausea, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis which are said to be the side effects of chemotherapy.

CannTrust President Brad Rogers opined, “This first shipment of CannTrust products to STENOCARE marks an important advancement of medical cannabis in Denmark and is just the beginning of many shared successes for our two companies. It also signals a significant step in CannTrust’s international expansion.”

A focus into the near future

It is quite evident that with the passage of time more countries around the globe are legalizing cannabis products. They hope that by approving the use of medical cannabis they will be able to ensure the wellbeing of citizens. Denmark is one of those countries around the globe that can attest to the significant value attached to the pharmaceutical approach and expertise associated with CannTrust.

STENOCARE CEO Thomas S. Schnegelsberg has applauded CannTrust’s top quality and standard products. He thinks that it is a good thing that they are now able to deliver a top-notch therapeutic option to Danish patients.

If all moves according to plan, he expects that they will soon collaborate with CannTrust in the next developmental phase. At the center of STENOCARE’s business strategy is both the importation and distribution of high end products from CannTrust.

CannTrust and STENOCARE have achieved quite much by getting to the point of becoming the industry leaders in Denmark and are looking forward to achieve much more.

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