Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) Says Edible Garden Will Be Supplying Organic Leafy Greens To Grocery Chains


Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) has today disclosed some crucial information regarding Edible Garden which happens to be its subsidiary. According to it, this subsidiary will be undertaking the supply of organic leafy greens to the various retail outlets. That was after organic leafy greens and Stop & Shop resolved to entrust it with the undertaking.

A close focus

Reports indicate that the fourth quarter of this year will witness the shipment of organic leafy greens to the new customers. These customers have been guaranteed healthy and natural products.

The distinguishing attribute regarding the superior-quality products belonging to Edible Garden lies in the fact that they are free from pesticides, contaminants, residues and herbicides. Asides from that, they are also Non-GMO Project Verified and GFSI certified.

Terra Tech CEO Derek Peterson opined, “Being selected by Stop & Shop, shows the level of trust and confidence in our Edible Garden’s products and further deepens our relationship by providing access to a greater number of the chain’s retail outlets.”

He went on to add that the company’s expanded relationship with outstanding grocery brands such as Stop & Shop and Giant will help a lot. It will ensure increased availability of leafy greens and sustainable herbs to the various retail outlets that will be within reach for the large number of the American customers.

The turn of events

Terra Tech is also pleased to announce that it received permits for three of its Santa Ana locations. It is expected that these Phase I permits will enable it undertake its operations more smoothly. Any time from now the company will apply for the Phase II permits which will see it undertake its commercial activities right away.

The expansion of this company’s presence in Southern California has been applauded by market observers around the globe. One thing that is coming to the limelight is that the cannabis market is undergoing great transformation. Sometime back it was a black market economy and the significant steps made are seeing it grow into a multibillion-dollar market that is quite well regulated. Each of the locations in will be taking advantage of the associated vertical integration.

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