Kalytera Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS:KALTF) Announces A Program Targeting GVHD Treatment

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Kalytera Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS:KALTF) today spoke in relation to its lead product development program. The company seeks to undertake an evaluation on cannabidiol (“CBD”).

It hopes to discover its role towards the treatment and the prevention of acute GVHD. This is a life-threatening condition that has so far claimed quite a significant number of lives globally. Experts say it usually occurs following a bone marrow transplant.

A closer outlook

The transplanted donor cells attack several body organs. These organs include the GI tract, eyes, lungs, liver and the skin. A patient struggling with GVHD may suffer from infections and chronic illnesses. Such patients may become disabled and even risk a reduced quality of life.

Acute GVHD is a serious condition, but a lot of people say the FDA hasn’t yet taken the matter with the seriousness it deserves. They think that it should by now have approved therapies to help with either the prevention or the treatment.

A lot of patients are opposed to the consumption of ingredients that cause them to encounter cognitive effects or euphoria. Kalytera is currently testing a CBD formulation that will help with the prevention of acute GVHD.

Latest developments

Kalytera is working on two development programs at the moment. The first one has to do with the evaluation of CBD and its role in helping prevent acute GVHD. The other one will pay focus to the evaluation of CBD in line with the treatment of acute GVHD.

Kalytera says that the prevention program is currently underway. It is on the second phase and patients have been handpicked from three clinical sites situated in Israel. After completing this phase, the business will be making preparations for the pivotal Phase 3 clinical study.

The CEO of Kalytera Robert Farrell says that they are working on top strategies that will help them boost their shareholder value. He believes the best way to go about it is by advancing this company’s programs in GVHD. He insists there is need to drive them to Phase 3 status.

Kalytera has also unveiled its grant of stock options to the various employees and directors as well.

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