Leafbuyer Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LBUY) Speaks Out Regarding Its Record-Setting Month


In was in June that experts made projections regarding the sales expected in the month of July. Leafbuyer Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LBUY) has made a statement revealing that the expected sales were surpassed. Reports show that the business guru managed to add about 26 new customers in the month with quite a significant number being from companies based in Australia, Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Georgia.

Turn of events

The company’s spokesperson disclosed that they posted a 55% rise in overall sales. According to him, the company is looking forward to a strong start in the second half of this particular year. It is quite evident that growth of this company is majorly defined by the fact that quite a significant number of this company’s customers are fond of the ‘one-stop-shop’ suite of products.”

The Director of Sales for Leafbuyer Technologies John Valle opined, “They see the value and benefit of having the best marketing and advertising products available to them under one roof. Some of our competitors can only offer one service or product. It gives us a clear advantage to bundle multiple services into one complete package.”

Several analysts have come out to applaud the move by the company expand its product lines and sales as well. According to them, the company is definitely increasing its momentum, something that is necessary with the ever changing business climate.

They also commented upon the diverse markets the company has found itself in and are pleased with the recent trends where a large number of cannabis companies are getting to sign up with this company’s platform. As a matter of fact they seek to beat rivals in the competitive market.

A lot of advantages await all those companies that will be taking the initiative to get onboard in time. They will most probably benefit from the huge share of the online traffic as well as receive remarkable positioning.

The acquisition of Greenlight Technologies

The other announcement is regarding this company’s much anticipated acquisition of Greenlight Technologies. This acquisition will be completed anytime soon, an undertaking that is expected to double the customer base of Leafbuyer in California.

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