SIPP INDUSTRIES (OTCMKTS:SIPC) Announces The Availability Of Major Hemp Homebrewing Beer Kits For Sale


SIPP INDUSTRIES (OTCMKTS:SIPC) today unveiled Major Hemp homebrewing beer kits and customers will be able to access them through this company’s website. The company is quite pleased having achieved quite much with its leading Major Hemp Brown Ale brew in the state of Colorado. The other thing will be the unveiling of Major Hemp HIPA and that will take place in the Chicago market.

Current state of affairs

It is rather evident that the business guru is determined to boost the general awareness of the two outstanding Hemp Beer Hemp Beer brands. Asides from that, the business guru is also looking forward to the generation of higher revenue streams. The expansion of the two brands on a nationwide scale is an achievable goal according to market analysts.

Major Hemp’s President has expressed great excitement over the launch of the Hemp Beer kits. According to him, that is a sure sign that it will be possible to open up a brand new market in what he terms a diverse homebrewing segment. The mainstreaming of Hemp Beer is a great move and it is just happening right on time. If all moves according to plan, customers will soon be enabled in such a way that they will be brewing Major Hemp Beer in their own kitchens.

Sipp Industries, Inc has also thanked TTB for granting it the official recipe approval for Major Hemp HIPA. This is a moment the business guru has been looking forward to and right now it is already making plans on ways to maximize its business output.

The turn of events

Reports show that Sipp Industries has lately been making consultations with Church Street Brewing Company which happens to be its brewing partner. Hopefully, they will succeed with the scheduling of the initial production run. This will be an undertaking involving an array of 16 oz cans.

Major Hemp President Ted Jorgensen opined, “We are thrilled to announce the official approval with the TTB for our Major Hemp HIPA recipe. The TTB has significantly raised the bar on ingredient sourcing and testing requirements for cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages and we are proud to receive final approval.”

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