Players Network (OTCMKTS:PNTV) Sees Opportunities In The Growing Marijuana Industry


Players Network (OTCMKTS:PNTV) is a company in the Marijuana industry and it has grow operations in 2 states as per now. A radio show called Stock Day Podcast is hosting this company today.

Current state of affairs

PNTV believes there is quite much for it to gain from the fast rising Marijuana sector. Brett H. Pojunis is the current director of the company. Everett Jolly who works with Stock Day engaged this official in an elaborate interview. Pojunis spoke out regarding opportunities as well as challenges that they faced as a company.

Jolly admitted that it was indeed a good thing that there was an uptick in their sales. However, the official criticized the fact that the company’s stock remained stuck at $0.05 cents per share. The official outlined that they had major plans underway in line with the continuity of their multi-state seed to sale acquisition strategy.

If matters turn out according to plan, the leader exudes confidence that indeed they will witness more of the investor confidence. The Director advocates for exercise of great caution in everything the company does. That is the only way they will succeed at getting their stock price to gain speed. According to him, the execution is ongoing on the company’s business model.

The turn of events

Player’s Network has a subsidiary called Green Leaf Farms Holdings. The company has outlined that this subsidiary had already filed 6 applications for dispensaries in Nevada. Each one had its own location according to the statement.

Only the existing license holders were free to undertake the license application process. The process was associated with a criterion that was rather thorough and extensive. Some of the evaluated things included ability to gain funding, quality of operational business plan and the quality of locations.

Pojunis opined, “Our move to apply for dispensaries and become vertically integrated is a part of our commitment to grow the company internally as well as externally through acquisition.”

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