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A Primer on CBD Hemp Oil



Cannabidiol (CBD) is unquestionably one of the most significant substances in the Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it also works against convulsions, anxiety, insomnia, neuropathic pain, ulcers, and other conditions. Authorities target THC, but not CBD because THC has psychoactive characteristics and is the main “drug” found in cannabis.

Naturally, both THC and CBD are prime cannabinoids, but CBD has far more beneficial properties without the psychoactive properties. As we are figuring this out, we are refining our legal and scientific premises regarding this special plant. For example, it used to be the case that the whole plant was illegal, but now we are seeing changes that allow for the emergence of CBD as an important therapeutic substance.

Cannabidiol has distinctive healing effects, contingent upon whether it is plant-determined CBD Hemp Oil with a characteristic proportion of alternate cannabinoids, or supposed cleansed or manufactured Cannabidiol with slight or zero concentrations of THC. Cannabidiol is most regularly gotten by means of extraction from Hemp, which for the most part contains a CBD substance of around 4% and a THC level of generally under 0.6%.

In the big picture, we know the goal is to end up with a high concentration of CBD and low concentration of THC. We want to isolate the anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and leave out the psychoactive ones. The process of generating CBD hemp oil has progressed along those lines with that in mind.

The Research Front

Czech scientist Lumír Ondřej Hanuš from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has been one of the most notable researchers in this field.

His work compared the effects of natural and purified Cannabidiol on inflammation and pain. Findings from this work included data supporting the idea that these two substances are in fact very different in their effects, despite seeming identicality from a superficial aspect. The data actually concentrated on mice with inflammation, but we have already observed similar results in human studies.

The key is this: Pure CBD showed material results on administration after being given over intervals with scaling dosage increases. Reaction to these further measurements specifically related to the expanding dose, yet when a specific level of quality of the dose was achieved, expanding the dose demonstrated no change and had in truth debilitated contrasted with the lower doses.

This impact has been seen previously and has demonstrated that Cannabidiol isn’t suggested for the treatment of inflammation – the tests were finished with isolated or synthetic CBD. In this experiment, a Glock curve was generated, after which the entire study was named ‘Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol’.

But here’s the interesting part: they got a completely different result when they used a plant extract Cbd Hemp Oil from the Israeli cultivar Avidekel containing CBD 18%  and  THC <1% for the treatment of inflammation.

In that case, the extract brought about an escalating response in proportion to the dosage scale. In other words, the extract containing the whole spectrum of cannabinoids works for inflammation as a treatment.

CBD Oil and Medical Orthodoxy

At the point when contrasted with headache medicine and tramadol, which are normally utilized medications for inflammation and pain, Cannabidiol had a substantially more profound impact on the inflammation, while the impact on pain was less significant. But analysts accordingly demonstrated that the concentrate of the Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) contains substances which have an impact on the conduct of the Cannabidiol and enhance its effects.

The substances contained in Hemp shape a cooperative energy and commonly fortify and tweak the impact of the plant on the body.

This synergistic impact is lost when CBD Hemp Oil is isolated. Pediatric epilepsy offers an interesting case for analysis.

If commercial CBD Hemp Oil is exchanged for an extract containing a mixture of 1/20 CBD and 1/200 THC, a key difference can be revealed.

Albeit the two arrangements had an indistinguishable CBD (5%) content, the commercial CBD oil with no THC content lacked that element of a little THC. The key here is that the small amount of THC in the variation is neutralized by the CBD, making it safe for even young children. But the small amount of THC might actually help in the process.

Safe Extraction of CBD Oil

It is certainly possible to safely extract CBD Oil. But all methods are the same, and it is important to understand the differences.

For instance: when you utilize solvents, for example, butane and hexane, which are neuro-dangerous substances. Conceivable buildups of these neuro-poisons that may stay in the oil could contrarily influence ones odds of recuperating, and when all is said in done neuro-poisons are not attractive in whichever ever little sums on account of conceivable organ harm that may occur regardless of the way that the CBD Oil itself is intended to mend.

To extricate the oil by means of CO2 extraction includes using profoundly compacted carbon dioxide and to a great degree low temperatures.

This technique segregates and holds the immaculateness of the CBD therapeutic oil, however involves having exorbitant mechanical assembly and a steep course to possible achievement.

Be that as it may, when done accurately the final result is sheltered, powerful chlorophyll free. Utilizing Ethanol brings about top notch Cannabis oil that can be utilized for vape pens. Take mind with this strategy, however. Natural waxes, which may have medical advantages, are eradicated simultaneously.

Olive oil, regardless of whether additional virgin or not, can likewise be used for the extraction of Cannabis Oil.

In any case, note, since it is an Oil Maceration it is additionally by a wide margin not as powerful to discharge the Cannabinoids from the Plant material.

Being both safe a reasonable, utilizing this technique is prescribed by Dr. Arno Hazekamp, Director of Phytochemical Research at Bedrocan BV.

Finally, olive oil is perishable so you will want to store it in conditions that prevent deterioration, avoiding light and heat.

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Healing Properties CBD and Addison’s Disease



Primary adrenal insufficiency, also known as Addison’s disease, is a very rare condition that impacts the adrenal cortex, resulting in a number of very difficult symptoms, including a lack of appetite, lethargy, possible adrenal crisis, loss of weight, and erratic mood.

One of the symptoms noted above – adrenal crisis – is a particularly acute experience that should be treated as a medical emergency. During that adrenal crisis, one may experience a dramatic loss of blood pressure accompanied by dizziness, lower body pain, and fainting spells.

Such an attack can result in death.

Coming to Grips with Addison’s Disease

The adrenal cortex is a rare instance of the word cortex being applied to something that is outside of the brain. In fact, the adrenal cortex is found on the top of the kidneys, and is made of a couple of different glands.

This is part of the HPA, which is an important axis of connected components that regulate many different functions in the body.

One element of this system is known as the endocrine system, which is in charge of various molecular signals in the body, such as hormones. The regulation of this system is critical in a number of different processes that sit at the very core of our physiological functionality.

On the other hand, the adrenal system is in charge of things like our ability to deal with sudden danger – commonly known as the fight or flight system. This is how we respond to highly stressful and highly dangerous situations encountered unexpectedly during daily life. Much of this is dealt with by the pituitary gland, which produces important chemical components that instinctively energize responses in the body.

For those suffering from Addison’s disease, we see it atrophying of this core system. This interrupts the processes that allow us to behave in a manner that our bodies were designed.

Without this properly functioning system we can end up lacking important responses in certain situations while having those responses happen to us in inappropriate situations. But we can also have a number of other symptoms such as those described above.

The role of CBD In Addison’s Disease

It’s certainly true that Addison’s disease is relatively uncommon. However, CBD is an excellent resource for those suffering from this terrible condition.

In our other pieces, we have previously described the importance of the endocannabinoid system and how it is tied throughout the body’s important systems.

Well, as you might have guessed, the endocannabinoid system is also an important part in dealing with Addison’s disease. Because this is such a critical and interconnected system throughout the body, you’ll find that it has a very complex relationships with many different sources of discomfort, malady, and disease. The case of Addison’s disease is no different.

CBD can be an important component in treating and or preventing a case of Addison’s disease because it isn’t impactful element in the functionality of the endocannabinoid system, as we have discussed in our prior pieces. In fact, much anecdotal evidence exists alongside some genuine research by the medical and scientific community to support these contentions.

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The Effects of CBD and Glaucoma



facts about CBD and Glaucoma

As we discussed the variety of different health conditions that appear to be treatable or preventable through the use of CBD, we must admit to the existence of a spectrum of efficacy. In other words while it appears to have an enormous range of application, there are certain things that it works even better for than others.

One of the best of the bunch is glaucoma.

As the reader is likely aware, glaucoma is a defect with implications for severe damage to an individual’s optic nerve, and thus a failure in the proper functionality of the eye.

Coming to Terms with Glaucoma

While we don’t understand exactly how it’s cause, the most relevant source of serious long-term damage to the optic nerve in cases of glaucoma appears to be hypertension on an intraocular level. In other words,, comes from too much pressure inside of the eye because of too much fluid in between the iris and cornea.

How prevalent is glaucoma? About 2 million suffer from it just in the US. Most of them are around 50 years of age or older by the time we actually see signs of the glaucoma.

The early stage symptomology is relatively inconspicuous. The first thing you deal with in a case of glaucoma’s difficulty seeing out to your periphery – otherwise known as a loss of peripheral vision. If this happens to you, unfortunately I have some bad news: glaucoma is already irreversible at this stage.

This is when we know that there’s already too much pressure directly in the eye and damage is already been done to the optic nerve.

While we don’t fully understand exactly why or how this happens from the outset, the consequences are undeniable.

Here’s how it breaks down: the eye produces something called aqueous humor. No, that’s not a comedy club for fish. It’s actually a fluid it’s meant to sit between the iris and cornea of the eye. But when there’s too much of it, it results in pressure that can damage the optic nerve. It’s also important to understand that this is a very sensitive system.

The optic nerve is actually a highly delicate grouping of nerve tissue and it’s easily damaged. It is a highly delicate instrument. Any alteration leads to irreversible issues with vision.

Can CBD Help?

As we have described, glaucoma is the result of a failure to regulate some delicate balance of some kind of substance somewhere in the body – in this case, the aqueous humor in the eye. What we want to highlight here is that this is a regulatory issue.

While CBD is still on the frontier of its important research development, one thing we have learned for certain at this point is this: CBD is great at regulatory problems.

Why? Because CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system, and the endocannabinoid system is intimately tied into most of the body’s major regulatory systems.

That’s why it’s so good at helping with immune system issues, inflammation issues, pain management, and hormonal balance. These are all important regulatory functions in the body, and ones that the endocannabinoid system is intimately integrated within.

As such, anecdotal and formal research has shown CBD could be a highly valuable tool in the battle against glaucoma. While more research needs to be conducted, we already know that it’s effective, and we already have a pretty good idea why.

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Treatment Option for CBD and Sickle Cell Anemia



Did you know that scientists aren’t even sure how many people are affected by sickle cell anemia in the world right now? Most people don’t realize that one of the most frequently identified hereditary conditions is in fact sickle cell anemia.

While we don’t know exactly how many people suffer from this difficult condition, we do know that it’s at least millions. Those living in Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean countries, Africa, and India are most at risk.

Coming to Grips with Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a common version of the sickle cell disease, as you might guess. The most important and peculiar characteristic that defines this disease is a crescent shape found in red blood cells.

A red blood cell isn’t supposed to be crescent-shaped. Instead, it supposed to be round and flattish, allowing transportation through membranes with tight gaps, which are common throughout the body’s circulatory system.

It is this crescent-shaped or sickle shaped character as well as a rigidity that is responsible for all of the problems that go along with sickle cell disease.

What Causes Sickle Cell Disease?

The cause of sickle cell disease is a gene mutation. Specifically, it is the gene that responsible for hemoglobin production.

Hemoglobin, an important protein found in red blood cells, attaches itself to oxygen molecules to help transport them around the body.

The mutation that causes sickle cell disease is a mutation involved in the production of the shape of red blood cells, resulting in the misshapen, rigid, sickle shaped design that is responsible for the problems that come with this difficult condition.

At the end of the day, the problem that is found with this condition is that of factors involved in causing a difficulty adjusting when the weather is cold, some occasional bouts of dizziness, and a lack of energy.

Diagnosis is actually extremely easy, and most cases of the disease are already detected by the time the baby is born. That said, to know for sure, a doctor will prescribe a blood test diagnosis that will determine precisely whether or not the patient carries the sickle cell abnormality and thus will suffer from effects associated with the disease.

A Solution and a Problem

If you understand more about sickle cell disease, it may not be too surprising to know that case density is greatest in areas where prevalence of malaria is to be found.

You see, the odd shape of red blood cells for individuals with sickle cell disease actually works to repel the spread of malaria throughout the body. Hence, over an even illusionary timeline, sickle cell disease has actually evolved as a defense in areas where malaria is particularly common in individuals are likely to be exposed to it.

In such places, having sickle cell disease actually decreases one’s chances of death, thereby increasing one’s chances of survival and eventual reproduction. This is why the disease has gained traction in certain areas of the world.

How Can CBD Help?

While there are no absolute treatments for sickle cell disease, cannabis and CBD have appeared to make a positive difference in both coping and managing the process that one must endure as a sufferer of sickle cell anemia.

CBD works to aid in the functionality of the immune system as well is the nervous system, thus treating many of the symptoms that are most often experienced by those with this terrible disease.

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