CBD: Can It Help With Osteoporosis?


One of the most common misunderstandings about the structure of the human body is that of bone being living tissue. This is something that most people don’t understand. And it is also precisely why osteoporosis can be such a debilitating health problem.

When trying to get a handle on how osteoporosis affects a patient, the main thing to understand is that it’s generally associated with aging and is manifest through an undermining of the integrity of bone tissue.

However, other issues, such as cancer, genetic mutation, menopause, and even poor diet can also contribute to the manifestation of this condition.

That said, it is most commonly found in middle-aged and elderly women, even though it is also found in other demographic groups.

Understanding Your Bones

As noted above, bones are living tissue. Their main job is to keep our bodies up right and provide a structure to our physiology, allowing muscles to power us and our organs to have proper spacing. They also function to protect certain areas of the body.

It is through the accumulation of certain particularly important minerals that our bones remain dense and sturdy. The most important minerals to serve this role are those of phosphorus and calcium.

One interesting point to understand is that bones have layers. It shouldn’t be hard to guess that the most durable layer is on the outside. This is what we call the compact bone layer.

But underneath this compact bone layer there’s a spongy layer that is extremely important particularly in cases of osteoporosis. This is where the osteoclasts and osteoblasts dedicate themselves to the hard work that goes on underneath the surface in the maintenance and production of tissue in the bones.

This bone remodeling process is critical to the maintenance, generation, and regeneration of bone tissue. Over time, in every individual, the body gets less and less effective at managing this process, which is the reason that osteoporosis and other bone problems often become more common as we get older.


At a very basic level the cause of osteoporosis is the simple fact that the bone is being broken down faster than it’s being rebuilt.

That said, hormones are actually a very important part of the equation that produces osteoporosis. Both estrogen and testosterone are important factors in this process. Because the reproductive part of a person’s life is usually over before they become old, the hormones that are a part of that process are less common in the body as we age.

It is actually these hormones that are responsible for maintaining the balance that is so important underlying the bone remodeling process.

CBD and Osteoporosis

The main thing that we want to understand in this piece is how CBD can contribute to the process of dealing with this difficult condition.

CBD has shown itself to be a powerful ally in the battle against many different health conditions. Because of this, there has been increasing funding and activity around research studies attempting to understand the full scope of how CBD can benefit patients suffering from a number of different conditions. Osteoporosis is a good example.

 Interestingly, research from studies conducted in Israel have shown that CBD can promote bone formation. While the mechanisms involved are not fully understood, the data has spurred a greater focus in the medical community, and we may come to understand the precise nature of this data better and better in the future. But for now, it’s important to understand that research does support the idea that CBD may be a critical tool in the toolbox for individuals battling against osteoporosis.