CBD in the Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria


The discovery of antibiotics in the 1920’s altered everything about the shape of the playing field in healthcare in the years to come.

As early as the outset of the second world war, folks were already seeing a major industry in antibiotics. But it wasn’t until many years later that we began to see an overshoot through excessive use, turning these powerful drugs into a new weapon. If you don’t know about this, just ask the folks at the top. It would appear as though a big number of prescriptions written for antibiotics turn out to be unnecessary by diagnostics.

As if that’s not sufficient, the World Health Organization will confirm that same story. For example, overconsumption of antibiotics is one of our biggest problems. In other words, we’re shaping an evolutionary battle that has huge consequences over time.

A Big Issue

Why is this the case? Consider the following fact: over 1.5 million Americans are treated for an infection with antibiotics each year.  And almost 30K die in this line of attack. If we can’t solve this, that number is only likely to increase. But there is a bright side. It turns out that we have a natural alternative: CBD.

The Research On CBD

It has already been proven that CBD has an inborn ability to serve as a useful treatment for antibiotic-resistant forms of pathogens. That means it can be mobilized in the battle. Many resistant variants have already been posed against CBD. Most of the time, CBD wins.

When that occurs, CBD has actually fared better than a number of other weapons in this winner take all war – even those from the big pharma landscape. That’s why there is such a grass roots push for CBD as an alternative treatment.

CBD: Is It a New Hope?

Some have gone so far as to say that when CBD is applied topically, it could serve as an important tool in the battle against bacterial infection.

It helps those suffering from such infections, and it also works to help in the battle against the gradual push toward a greater resistance against our current resources.

What does this suggest? It’s pretty simple: the hemp plant is not just the source of “fun”. It’s the hope for those suffering from infections that can turn to when they begin to run out of other options.

This means that CBD can function as a treatment that works and won’t destroy the patient on a financial level.

CBD and the Research

As you consider the tale told above, do your own research. As in every version of this type of case, but every one of us has to make the right choice. That said, there’s a sufficient amount of research to show CBD as an effective resource in the battle against many different strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria.