CBD Oil is Not Hemp Seed Oil


It’s important that we clarify one particularly common point of confusion among those interested in hemp related CBD products: there is an enormous difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil.

Obviously, hemp oil and hemp seed oil seem like very similar ideas. But the big point of departure is that the hemp oil we’re talking about here is derived from the flowers in the fiber and the leaves of the plant, not the seeds.

Now, just as quickly, I will note that hemp seed oil is an extremely healthy and wonderful substance. It’s one of the healthiest oils that one can come across. However, it does not contain high concentrations of cannabinoids. And therefore, does not have the same therapeutic effects that we’ve been discussing in many of the articles you will find here on this website.

As far as those cannabinoids are concerned, here we’re talking about CBD and THC, most prominently. THC, of course, is the one that you’ve heard so much about when it comes to smoking pot and getting stoned. Interestingly, as we’ve noted, CBD does not have the same psychoactive properties, and in fact works to temper the psychoactive properties found in THC.

CBD, as we have noted, is notable for its therapeutic and treatment potential for a wide range of health complications.

The Alternative Medicine Revolution

As we all know, maintaining health is possibly the most important thing an individual can do at any one time in their lives. With population increases in technological advances, everyone suffers from the tension that’s created between a constant move forward and the need to stick to your roots in evolutionary background in terms of the processes and functions that maintain a healthy physiology.

This is where it can help to go back to your roots as part of mother nature. The alternative medicine Revolution is really the name given to this process of thinking critically about human anatomy and physiology, about evolution and are ecological roots as a species, and how it all fits together with the way that we live our lives in today’s hustle bustle world.

Hemp and cannabis are important ingredients in this revolution. Cannabinoids have been shown to have remarkable impacts on ideological functionality and on the maintenance of homeostasis.

That said, even though we are focused most on CBD have oil, there are definitely benefits to hemp seed oil, including:

  • Its moisturizing effect on skin.
  • it can be easily consumed with salads and other dishes that don’t require a high temperature for cooking.
  • reduce the deficiencies that arise due to lack of adequate amount of fatty acids in the diet.
  • 25% of hemp seed oil is comprised of
  • boosts up the immune system

Hence, hemp seed oil is also a valuable contributor to healthy living.