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CBD Treatment Case HIV AIDS Symptomology



Due to its high profile and agonizing dominance in the media in the 1980s and 1990s as a defining epidemic, everyone has been impacted in some way by the conceptual footprint of HIV. It is perhaps the most notorious STD.

The disease holds the capacity to progressively impair the human immune system until something as simple as a common cold can become fatal. HIV itself stands for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” given the manner in which it declares war on the cells that are central to the operation of our immune system.

And without these cells – the T-cells – the immune system lacks the capacity to fight off even the most mundane form of infection. As we understand it now, once the population of these cells drops under the level of 200 per cubic millimeter of blood concentration, HIV becomes something we know as AIDS.

In fact, some who become infected with HIV don’t develop AIDS for months or even years, and in some cases even decades. In essence, such individuals are said to be carriers of the disease even if they are not immediately considered to be sufferers of its grip.

Understanding HIV/AIDS

The virus itself has the pattern of becoming attracted to white blood cells that are the primary constituent of the human immune system. These cells are superficially understood as receptors that bind to pathogens invading the system, eventually causing the cell to act in a manner unproductive to our own protection.

It is the binding to the chemokines and cytokines that cause the brunt of the problems. The specific receptor that is most directly impacted is known as CXCR4. Once affected, this cell travels to a lymph node to signal the beginning of a war.

However, HIV hijacks the DNA of these cells to rapidly replicate itself.

Once the virus has managed to multiply to a sufficient extent, the cell it has invaded tends to die due to the exhaustion of its own defense mechanisms. Then it becomes a node for the further multiplication of the disease in the coordinated assault on the body.

Remarkably, most cells that die due to infection from HIV are never even touched by the disease. It is in fact the creation of a hyper inflammatory environment within the lymph system that ultimately spells disaster for the body’s defense mechanisms.

In other words, it is a slippery slope that ultimately leads to disastrous results.


Interestingly, CBD and other cannabinoids, when administered as a cohort, work to activate an element of the endocannabinoid system known as the CB2 receptors. By activating these special receptors, the cannabinoids work to increase the total amount of cellular activity, thus boosting the effective response of the immune system.

In addition, this process actually arms other areas of the body to resist the method of attack being utilized by HIV.

In one landmark study, monkeys were actually given something to activate these same receptors. It was administered daily for nearly 1 ½ years, before they were administered a version of HIV that was particularly applicable to the simian immune system.

Remarkably, the results were very different from expected in the normal course of the progression of this disease: we saw roughly a 70% decrease in infection over nearly half of a year.

There is no question that we need to stimulate a greater body of research given these results. It would appear as though CBD, and cannabinoids in general, may prove to be an extremely valuable tool as we continue to fight against this terrible disease.

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WeedMD Inc (OTCMKTS:WDDMF) Rolls Out Its Color Cannabis Brand For Adults



WeedMD Inc (OTCMKTS:WDDMF) has announced the launch of its latest brand called Color Cannabis as a premium brand that targets adult users that want high-grade cannabis products.

The new Color Cannabis premium brand features numerous strains of cannabis that are presented in multiple formats. However, they are also developed such that they have a high level of quality as per the expectations of the target consumers. WeedMD’s new brand will only be available to a few distributors and retailers in Canada.

WeedMD plans to have the Color Cannabis-branded products in select stores as well as online availability by Mid-June. The company created the brand with a strategic aim at the diverse preference and tastes of the modern-day cannabis consumer.

“We worked with globally-renowned agency Sid Lee to launch Color – our first adult-use brand,” stated Brett Moon, the Senior Vice President of sales and marketing at WeedMD.

The Color Cannabis brand to mainly focus on a premium user experience

Mr. Moon also noted that Color Cannabis is designed to inspire customers to embrace life and their cannabis experience in personal and unique ways. Aside from being available in the form of dried premium flower, the new WeedMD brand also hosts new product formats over the next few months. Some of those products include gel capsules, oils and pre-rolls and they will be made available with the creation of more consumption formats.

WeedMD CEO Keith Merker stated that Color Cannabis’ goal is to grasp the progressive character, individuality, and imagination of cannabis users. The CEO noted that the goal of the brand is not to tell clients what they will feel but rather to experience the products for themselves. Merker also noted that the Color Cannabis launch represents a key milestone for the company.

WeedMD expects to juggle between the new adult cannabis brand and its medical cannabis pursuits. The company expects to produce about 150,000 kilograms through its 5.2 million square feet production capacity by 2020. The firm also expects to have enough room to handle production for medical cannabis, as well as recreational adult use. It plans to achieve this through its indoor and outdoor growth facilities.

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HempAmericana Inc. (OTCMKTS:HMPQ) CEO Issues Explains The Company’s Expansion



HempAmericana Inc. (OTCMKTS:HMPQ) CEO has issued a letter to shareholders addressing the expansion of the company following string orders.

HempAmericana has begun bottling of full-spectrum CBD distillate

In the letter to shareholders, the CEO indicated that the company has begun establishing growth momentum in its CBD oil production as well as the distribution business. The CEO stated that the company has started bottling of 500 mg as well as 1000 mg full spectrum CBD distillate in its ultramodern CBD production and extraction facility in Augusta Maine.

He added that the company’s initial production is expected to be around 2,000 bottles per day which will be increased gradually to around 8,000 bottles a day to meet demand. Currently, the company has more than 50,000 full spectrum distillate bottles that are ready to be shipped with tens of thousands expected to follow.

HempAmericana is equally bottling a 250 mg potency that is suitable for the CBD-for-pets market. On the high end, the CEO indicated that the company is bottling 2500 mg and 5000 mg but he asserted that they have the potential of replicating any formula.

The CEO further went on to explain that production will be distributed under the company’s proprietary brand “Weed Got Oil.” He added that the company is also pursuing an opportunity in the white label market for the quality full-spectrum distillate CBD Oil. Currently, there are over 400 brands in the CBD market with the majority turning to high capacity producers such as HempAmericana to build product inventory.

Relationship with Eagle Hemp

The company recently announced a relationship with Florida based Eagle Hemp for an initial purchase order as well as the establishment of connections for more orders in the future. The company anticipates strong demand that includes compensation for more production of CBD oil as well as its bottling technology. The first order will bring the company significant revenue input at no associated costs to labeling, bottling, and shipping.

The company’s production facility and lab are currently operating well with two bottling machines in operation. The CEO said that once they distill the interest into purchase orders they will communicate to shareholders.

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Medmen Enterprises Inc. (OTCMKTS:MMNFF) Expands Its Footprint In California With Acquisition Of One Love



MedMen Enterprises Inc. (OTCMKTS:MMNFF) has announced the signing of a definitive agreement for the acquisition of 100% interest in MattnJeremy, Inc. One Love Beach Club.

Acquisition of One Love

The acquisition enhances the company’s California footprint by adding a premier location that is positioned strategically between its LAX and Santa Ana locations. The One Love Beach Club is currently on a run-rate of around $6 million in gross revenue and has an unaudited EBITDA margin of about 29%.

MedMen CEO Adam Bierman stated that they were delighted to have Long Beach on bard as part of the MedMen family as the company continues its growth in the world’s leading cannabis market.

One love was founded back in 2009 and it is located in Long Beach at 2767 E Broadway between Belmont Shore and Downtown some blocks from the beach. Long Beach is located 20 miles from Los Angeles and it is the third largest city in Southern California behind San Diego and Los Angeles with a population of almost half a million.

The city is a prime location that offers attractions, oceanfront hotels, events, recreation activities, shopping, nightly entertainment, restaurants as well as art and culture. According to the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2018 there were approximately 7.9 million visitors who visited the city to attend various events and attractions.

The One Love owner and operator Abrams Family indicated that it had been exciting to have served the Long Beach community for the last ten years adding that they were looking forward to MedMen to continue offering the community with premium cannabis.

Details of the transaction

According to the details of the transaction MedMen is expected to pay around $13 million of which $1 million will be in cash at closing of the deal and $2 million in deferred cash. The rest of the $10 million shall be fulfilled in Class B Subordinate Voting shares. Completion of the transactions depends on regulatory approval by state and local authorities as well as other routine closing conditions. The deal is expected to be closed within 45 days.

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