How Back Pain Has a New Enemy in CBD Oil


Most people have a difficult time understanding the truly life-changing impact that can be presented by a difficult case of chronic back pain. Only those suffering from this malady can appreciate how it impacts everything.

In this article, will attempt to explore how back pain manifests itself, and how CBD can be a powerful ally in the battle to combat it.

Back Pain and Common Treatments

The most common medications prescribed for back pain are elephants. These are anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, Valium, and Voltaren.

A back pain diagnosis is a difficult thing for anyone to deal with. The medical establishment will see this as an inflammation related condition, and simply prescribe one of its principal anti-inflammatory drugs. Elephants are the most common on this list.

But elephants come with baggage. As you would notice in such a situation, your doctor will warn you about this. However, many times, doctors leave out the parts about gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers, and other complications including constipation.

To understand back pain, you must understand something about the disc structure of inter-vertebral anatomy. As you may know, a series of intervertebral discs made of cartilage between the vertebrae of the spinal column.

These act as something like shock absorbers for the back. But, over time, they tend to wear down. And this wear and tear is worse for some individuals than it is for others. For such individuals, the result is back pain on a chronic level.

This is highly common, affecting nearly one out of every four people. And yet, even given this high incidence rate, there is still no consistently useful and safe treatment for sufferers of this difficult and debilitating condition.

The Research View

Scientists have been moving toward advances in the field of treating chronic back pain, but nothing has turned up that really changes the game. However, this picture may be evolving in a powerful and positive way thanks to the introduction and appreciation of CBD as possibly a viable treatment for chronic back pain.

One study dating back to 2015 found a powerful connection between the use of cannabinoids and conditions such as chronic back pain.

The study was conducted on 19 rats that were administered treatment to cultivate a chronic back pain condition. Low-dose CBD treatments were given over a period of time. And then high-dose treatments were given to the same group.

During the low-dose treatment, no serious results occurred. However, when the dosage was upped, researchers found over just a 15 day study that major improvement occurred.

CBD for Chronic Back Pain

What we’ve learned is quite simple: it seems as though CBD is a potentially powerful treatment in the management of back pain precisely because it alleviates the major symptoms as well as the underlying cause according to both anecdotal and formal research.

While plenty of opportunity exists for new and more structured research projects to further our understanding of the mechanisms involved, current sufferers of chronic back pain may not want to wait – this could be a powerful tool in the battle.