Leafbuyer Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LBUY) Enters Into a Pact To Provide A Range of Services to Surterra Wellness


Leafbuyer Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LBUY) has signed an accord to provide a range of services to Surterra Wellness.

Surterra Wellness conducts business operations in eight locations in Florida. It is one of the leading dispensary chains in Florida aka sunshine state. The company also has two distribution centers in Texas and Florida.

It supports every person in Florida to undergo treatment using the high quality cannabis and promote longevity. The main aim of Surterra Wellness is to provide access to one of its wellness centers for the qualifying patients. The alliance with LBUY allows the customers of Surterra Wellness to place an order for delivery across the state.

LBUY aka a leading cannabis leading network is responsible for driving the business to dispensaries as well as the product clients with the help of leafbuyer.com, its online sales site.

Mark Breen, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of LBUY, said the company is very happy to enter the Surterra Wellness in its network. It is expecting to grow in alliance with Surterra Wellness in the future and embrace the huge market in Florida. The deal with Surterra Wellness will also help the company to expand its operations across the nation.

Leafbuyer Technologies Inc Chooses Stellar For Blockchain Rollout Strategy

Leafbuyer Technologies Inc has chosen the open source protocol of Stellar for its blockchain business strategy. With this new initiative, the company will be able to provide its products and services to the burgeoning client base.

Michael Goerner, Chief Technology Officer of LBUY, said the company has selected Stellar through working with Wunderkind LLC to base its blockchain strategy and improve trackability, security, as well as the transparency of the transactions conducted over the network.

LBUY will be able to collect the data, conduct the analysis of trends and patterns with the help of Stellar’s technology to provide a great insight into the customer interactions and the businesses to its clients. So, it plays a vital role to expand the business of clients as well as LBUY.

Customer privacy is ensured through storing anonymized transaction data in the blockchain technology of Stellar. Therefore, Stellar’s technology is vital for improving the services and offerings of LBUY.