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The Autism Problem and the Role of CBD



It is interesting to note that CBD appears, according to a wide range of anecdotal and formal medical research, to have a variety of important effects that can be useful in prevention and treatment where a number of different health conditions are concerned. And, even more interestingly, we often don’t understand the precise mechanisms involved. However, as with the case of autism, it can be an important tool.

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is one of the most rapidly growing (in prevalence) health conditions in the world today. At this point, it is being diagnosed more frequently than diabetes, cancer, it HIV. And yet, little is truly understood about this difficult condition.

What we do know is that autism is a disorder rooted in brain development and manifests itself through peculiar and identifiable patterns of behavior.

Very few of the tools that the been developed by the medical and scientific establishments have actually shown to be effective in the