The Case for CBD: Tourette’s


Revolutions generally demand a series of steps. Initially, the public zeitgeist is arranged around a number of important assumptions. Those assumptions guide perception, interpretation, and conclusion in many ways.

As new methods and ideas begin to develop, all of those assumptions become obstacles for the process of progress.

Such has been the path along which has run the freight train of research advocating for CBD as a preventative and therapeutic tool in the healthcare industry in recent years. Yet another example of this process is the evidence of efficacy for CBD in the treatment of Tourette’s syndrome.

Tourette’s is a very interesting example of a case study for something tailor-made for an evolution toward greater reliance upon CBD is a powerful tool. Why, because Tourette’s appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a perfect candidate for the application of CBD as a therapeutic instrument.

Wrapping Your Arms around Tourette’s Syndrome

TS is an uncommon disorder of a neuropsychiatric nature that generally manifests during the very early years of life. Essentially, control over the verbal and the motor define this tragic syndrome.

Involuntary gestures, often referred to as “tics”, define this condition in many ways. These are involuntary and often repetitive in generally ostracize those stricken with this sad condition.

As should be clear, the social stigma that arises from the exhibition of these involuntary gestures and expressions dominate the discomfort exhibited by this condition. While patients suffer from a wide range of severity in this aspect, the suffering can rarely be overlooked.

As it turns out, Tourette’s would appear to be generally genetic in derivation. In other words, for those suffering from this tragic condition it was simply in the cards.

How CBD Can Make a Difference

As we begin to consider the role of CBD in cases of Tourette’s, it’s important to understand that research evidence already exists in favor of CBD as an important coping tool for those genetically saddled with this terrible condition.

While this is remarkable in its own right and should be considered another powerful example of the importance of CBD in challenging the assumptions of the medical and scientific establishment as it now stands, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, CBD seems tailor-made for this exact situation.

However, the fact remains that a great deal of research need yet be done. The full data set has not yet been built out, and yet so many would benefit so greatly if that task has been accomplished.

While the situation isn’t perfect at this point from a research perspective, there are many facts we already have at hand in an applied sense. For example, the end CBI has been cited to powerful effect in support of the role of CBD as an important coping tool in the management of Tourette’s syndrome.

In related documentation, 64 patients were interviewed following the use of CBD as a key tool. 17 of them produced data worth considering. Of those 17, 14 – well over 80% – stipulated that CBD made a powerful impact, including a reduction or complete remission of the important symptoms defining their condition.

There is other evidence as well the bears upon the notion that CBD impacts and undermines the obsessive-compulsive nature so powerfully intertwined with Tourette’s.

At the end of the day, there is cause to consider the need for a great deal of additional research. But results so far are highly encouraging, and we hope that researchers take up the baton of the path that has already been laid down, thus potentially improving the lives of so many suffering from this physically and psychologically painful condition.