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Understanding How the ECS Drives the Runner’s High



If you have ever run on a serious level – as part of a major exercise program or in competition – then you are probably familiar with the term runner’s high.

This is the term given to a state of euphoria or bliss that serious runners often experience after achieving a level of strong competence as a runner and having a particularly good run. Generally speaking, the feeling is characterized by a lack of anxiety, an overall calmness, and a lack of pain.

Understanding Runner’s High

The source of the runner’s high is just that: running. A 30 minute run where the heart rate is maintained at about 4/5 of a maximum level is capable of generating a sense of calmness, comfort, euphoria, and sharply decreased pain sensation.

When exposed to this level of aerobic exercise, human physiology responds by an increased production of endorphins along with anandamide, an important cannabinoid.

These chemicals move through the body, eventually reaching the brain. However, endorphins have a molecular size that is too great to allow them passage through the blood brain barrier. But the smaller anandamide molecules are able to make this transition.

Once present in the brain, anandamide is able to bind to the major CB receptors, impacting the functionality of the cortical system. In the past, scientists believed that the experience of the runner’s high was solely a result of increased endorphin production.

However, nowadays we are starting to figure things out, particularly where the role of the endocannabinoid system is concerned, which has revealed the extremely important role of anandamide.

Runner’s high and the Endocannabinoid System

According to several important research studies, we have come to understand that the interaction between anandamide and the CB1 receptor is capable of producing strong anxiolytic effects along with a reduction in pain sensitivity.

This shouldn’t be surprising.

Scientists have long understood that the survival instinct is powerfully related to the experience of pain and anxiety. After all, pain and anxiety are not simply a cruel universe’s way of torturing you. They are evolution’s way of providing your body’s systems with information about states or experiences not conducive to continued survival.

Similarly, the body has systems that reward an individual for states or experiences that are highly conducive to extended survival. The endocannabinoid system is constructed for both healing and maintenance, and is one of the body’s primary weapons in its fight to protect itself and extend its existence.

In the primary study conducted by Johannes Fuss and his team, mice were able to produce a powerful runner’s high experience at an average of 3 miles of running per day. So, if you are seeking out this type of experience, and given the fact that you are much larger than a mouse, you will need to run significantly further than 3 miles per day.

In any case, understand the interlacing importance of the endocannabinoid system, and get your sneakers laced up. As is so often the case, the deeper we look into truly understanding the wide ranging impact wielded by the endocannabinoid system in the human body, the more opportunities we find for deeper research.

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Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (OTCMKTS:ATTBF) Unveils “Comfort” A New Product Line Targeting Chronic Pain & Inflammation



The pharmaceutical industry is set to receive a new boost; thanks to Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (OTCMKTS:ATTBF). The cannabis company well – known for its diversification says it is on the verge of releasing a new chronic pain and inflammation product. The launch of the product known as “Comfort” is as a result of an extensive research by the Cannabis solution provider.

Abattis has been holding onto this vision of enlarging its product line in an effort to propel its vision. This is the more reason it has invested heavily in research, partnerships and comparison studies. It is already working on a phase 1 study, targeting the exploration and the development of nanoemulsified and liposomal platforms. The study is in partnership with the University of British Columbia and Mitacs.

Comfort will address the needs of the severe disabling condition

Chronic pain and inflammation is a growing problem. Reports from the Industry of Medicine indicate that close to 100 million people in North America are at the mercy of this condition. The condition affects the internal systems of a person, which in return fail to produce the required endogenous chemicals. What follows is severe pain known to last for too long.

The report further explains how millions of people are not able to access the necessary medical treatments. They are either too expensive or are not available. This not only brings along lost productivity but in the very severe cases have resulted in death.

However, Abattis President and CEO, Rob Abenante cited, “With Comfort, we hope to address a severely disabling condition that affects a large proportion of our population.”

Abattis is confident about its Research and Development strategy

Apart from partnering with a number of corporations, Abattis is also seeking to obtain a Health Canada dealer’s license. If approved, the company will be able to trade in Cannabis flower and oils. It will also integrate into its business key acquisitions. The company is seriously engaged in growing of its retail distribution. It will leave nothing to chance when it comes to research and development.

Clearly, Abattis is establishing a footprint in the cannabis industry from its research and development work.

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Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) Announces The Launch Of Real Scientific Canada Across Canada



Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) is quickly making a name for itself having introduced a new subsidiary, Real Scientific Canada. The company says the brand extend its operations into the Canadian market through the help of Salvation Botanicals, Ltd. This is a Canadian extraction and formulation company, which has signed a consulting agreement with Medical Marijuana

Through its Real Scientific Hemp Oil, Real Scientific Canada will help in growing and expanding the global cannabis market. The oil is within a product line, which comes with several different formulations the likes of RSHO Gold Label. Apparently, it was the first CBD product line in the U.S. to hit the state lines.

Medical Marijuana Inc. has rapid revenue growth and dedication to cannabis education

Medical Marijuana Inc. is on record as being the first-ever publicly traded cannabis company in the U.S. It is also at the forefront in its fight to give a new look to the ever-evolving cannabis market. This is the sole reason why it will continue to rededicate its energy towards cannabis education in the U.S.

According to Kenneth Smith, the Medical Marijuana, Inc. Director of Canadian Operations the cannabis industry is experiencing a very exciting moment. The company’s CEO Dr. Stuart Titus shared in the same sentiments quoting, “We recognize our customers’ ever-growing needs for cutting-edge products and we aim to meet them in this new legal recreational market in Canada.”

Real Scientific Canada is rich in history for its innovative lines of cannabis products

The company’s oil is has obtained import permit in Paraguay, Mexico, and Brazil. On the other hand, it has created an incredible rapport with various authorities as it continues to create awareness within the industry. Its goal, which is to help customers feel their best is in line with the mission for Medical Marijuana. The two are working hand in hand to premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators.

In other news Medical Marijuana has equally launched a CBD hemp oil product in Brazil through its subsidiary HempMeds Brasil. The approval of the new 5000 mg CBD hemp oil liquid came after a series of consultations with the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency ANVISA. This is another great milestone for the company.

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VIVO Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:VVCIF) Enters Into A $5 Million Strategic Agreement With Westleaf Cannabis Inc



VIVO Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:VVCIF) has made such a great milestone in advancing its operations. The company based in Napanee, Ontario has entered into an agreement with a Westleaf Cannabis Inc. worth $5 million. The duo’s strategic arrangement will give VIVO an upper hand as it strives to roll out its cannabis retail operations in Canada. It is worth noting that the Cannabis market is becoming appealing to customers thus the rapid expansion.

Several medical cannabis formulations are on record for being beneficial to patients suffering from particular conditions. Hence, any move to improve their quality standards will create more desire for use from health care professionals and patients.

The partnership reflects VIVO’s commitment to research and innovation

VIVO has developed such a strong focus on quality and innovation as it continues to push the growth of its business. The primary goal is in creating novel products and particularly for the international markets, which seems to be very stable. Some of these markets include Germany and Australia. The company has established a tight network of specialty medical cannabis clinics through its Harvest Medicine.

Nonetheless, according to the company’s CEO, Barry Fishman, their commitment is in pursuing opportunities across the full value chain. Fishman says, “VIVO is committed to providing high-quality products for the Canadian recreational cannabis market. We continue to build our presence in the adult-use market with this strategic investment in Westleaf.”

What will the integrated strategy offer the cannabis industry?

Westleaf’s goal is to offer innovative retail experiences to the Cannabis industry through premium cannabis production. Besides, the company is expanding its wings to Alberta and Saskatchewan with the construction of state-of-the-art cannabis production facilities. On the other hand, VIVO is anticipating to develop new formulations, which will benefit current and future medical patients.

All these efforts put together will give a strong endorsement to the expansion of the cannabis industry. What seems like a well-integrated strategy will place the industry at a high caliber level according to President and CEO of Westleaf, Scott Hurd.

Through the investment, VIVO will get 5,882,353 units of Westleaf whereby each of the units is equivalent to one Westleaf common share.

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