Understanding the Difference Between CBD Oil and FECO


If you’re reading this, then you probably already know that CBD oil is an interesting substance with many interesting applications. However, there are different variations and manifestations, and understanding what you’re getting yourself into has to be near the top of your list of priorities where CBD is concerned.

One of the most interesting points of contrast is that between CBD hemp oil and Full Extracted Cannabis Oil, or FECO for short. In this article, were going to delve into these differences and create a platform for better understanding.

The first point to make is that both FECO and CBD oil come from closely related plant species. The two different species are very closely related genetically even though they may look quite different to the naked eye. They are also treated differently and grown differently.

First let’s look at Cannabis Sativa. This plan can go as high as 15 feet, with long stalks and branches. By contrast, Cannabis Indica is a stouter plant with shorter branches and a shorter overall stature.

CBD hemp oil is generally made from a hybrid of plants, with a strain that is known to be CBD rich and THC poor. The laws are an important part of this equation, and to make sure a CBD oil is legally available everywhere, the THC content needs to be below 1%.

In any case, the key point here today is that it is the levels of the cannabinoids, CBD and THC, that we are most concerned with in understanding the difference between CBD oil and FECO.

FECO is known to have roughly equal concentrations of THC and CBD under ideal conditions. Most importantly, one should understand that this is all about the degree to which there are psychoactive properties in the oil. THC is the source of psychoactive properties, while CBD does not have those same properties, and in fact has been known to work to temper those properties of THC when taken in combination.

Hence, there are obviously very important differences between these two substances. There are legal issues to consider, and there are also issues in terms of the specific effects that each one has. And as we always suggest, it’s important that the reader takes time to do their own due diligence to make the right choice for you.