Why CBD is so Effective for Lupus


As we have outlined exhaustively, CBD has a wide variety of applications in the treatment and prevention of a number of different health issues. But, as we have also noted, it appears to be extremely effective in cases that have to do with one of the body’s primary regulatory systems.

Right at the dead center of this type of issue is inflammation, rheumatoid conditions, and dysfunctions of the autoimmune system. And right at the center of these three issues is a condition known as lupus. As such, as you might expect, CBD is particularly effective as a therapy for those suffering from this terrible disease.

Getting a Grip on Lupus

As stated, Lupus is highly integrated into the concepts of a rheumatoid condition, an autoimmune dysfunction, and an inflammatory problem. A little over 2 million Americans suffer from lupus. And, while we’ve come to understand quite a bit about lupus, we don’t particularly understand where it comes from or why it happens to who it happens to.

The symptoms of lupus include a rash across the cheeks and bridge of the nose in a butterfly pattern, stiff and painful joints, sensitivity to bright lights and sunlight, circulatory problems particularly in the hands and feet, of volatility to the expression of symptoms, and lack of energy.

This makes it relatively easy to diagnose. However, treating it is a different story. We don’t really understand where it comes from and we don’t really know how to treat it.

Medical science has figured out that hereditary factors do seem to be a part of the equation, with women, Africans, and Hispanics all showing greater levels of prevalence for lupus than other groups.

We’ve also noted that a polymorphism in an important set of genes appears to be attached to our understanding of the condition in analysis particularly from an epidemiological side. This means, in plain talk, when it comes to the genes involved in lupus, it has to do with those genes the generally very in a particular species such as humans.

The Role of CBD in Lupus Treatment

As we discussed above, CBD is really made for a disease like lupus because it has such a knack for dealing with regulatory functions and problems related to the. In this case, inflammation and autoimmune functionality are both highly implicated.

That suggests right off the bat we know this is a good candidate for CBD.

At the heart of this set of relationships is the interplay of something known as the T cells, which are important components of the immune system. What we also know is that the endocannabinoid system ties in with T cell levels and the functionality of the immune system in many important ways.

Naturally, when you’re talking about the endocannabinoid system you’re talking about something where CBD can have a big impact. And lupus is a perfect example of that phenomenon. Several studies have evidenced this in action, indicating CBDs ability to suppress a variety of different genetic expressions that are involved in the presence of the symptomology that defines lupus as a condition.