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Understanding How the ECS Drives the Runner’s High



If you have ever run on a serious level – as part of a major exercise program or in competition – then you are probably familiar with the term runner’s high.

This is the term given to a state of euphoria or bliss that serious runners often experience after achieving a level of strong competence as a runner and having a particularly good run. Generally speaking, the feeling is characterized by a lack of anxiety, an overall calmness, and a lack of pain.

Understanding Runner’s High

The source of the runner’s high is just that: running. A 30 minute run where the heart rate is maintained at about 4/5 of a maximum level is capable of generating a sense of calmness, comfort, euphoria, and sharply decreased pain sensation.

When exposed to this level of aerobic exercise, human physiology responds by an increased production of endorphins along with anandamide, an important cannabinoid.

These chemicals move through the body, eventually reaching the brain. However, endorphins have a molecular size that is too great to allow them passage through the blood brain barrier. But the smaller anandamide molecules are able to make this transition.

Once present in the brain, anandamide is able to bind to the major CB receptors, impacting the functionality of the cortical system. In the past, scientists believed that the experience of the runner’s high was solely a result of increased endorphin production.

However, nowadays we are starting to figure things out, particularly where the role of the endocannabinoid system is concerned, which has revealed the extremely important role of anandamide.

Runner’s high and the Endocannabinoid System

According to several important research studies, we have come to understand that the interaction between anandamide and the CB1 receptor is capable of producing strong anxiolytic effects along with a reduction in pain sensitivity.

This shouldn’t be surprising.

Scientists have long understood that the survival instinct is powerfully related to the experience of pain and anxiety. After all, pain and anxiety are not simply a cruel universe’s way of torturing you. They are evolution’s way of providing your body’s systems with information about states or experiences not conducive to continued survival.

Similarly, the body has systems that reward an individual for states or experiences that are highly conducive to extended survival. The endocannabinoid system is constructed for both healing and maintenance, and is one of the body’s primary weapons in its fight to protect itself and extend its existence.

In the primary study conducted by Johannes Fuss and his team, mice were able to produce a powerful runner’s high experience at an average of 3 miles of running per day. So, if you are seeking out this type of experience, and given the fact that you are much larger than a mouse, you will need to run significantly further than 3 miles per day.

In any case, understand the interlacing importance of the endocannabinoid system, and get your sneakers laced up. As is so often the case, the deeper we look into truly understanding the wide ranging impact wielded by the endocannabinoid system in the human body, the more opportunities we find for deeper research.

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Amfil Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:FUNN) Provides Updates On Reopening Snakes & Lattes Locations And Safety Measures Implemented



Amfil Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:FUNN) has provided updates to shareholders regarding the Snakes & Lattes subsidiary and location reopening as well as the new safety procedures the company has implemented.

Following government regulations on combating the spread of COVID 19, the company had temporarily closed its physical Snakes & Lattes outlets in Ontario and Toronto as well as the fourth location in Tempe, Arizona. This was to combat the spread of the virus and protect customers and employees.

Amfil to reopen Snakes & Lattes Arizona

The company is now gearing up to reopen the Snakes & Lattes Tempe, Arizona location after restrictions in the state were lifted. On May 11, 2020, authorities in the state gave restaurants the go-ahead for their reopening, and the company is also preparing to reopen the location in Arizona, and employees have been trained on new safety procedures and protocols. Amfil indicated that from their observation, there has been incredible attendance at local locations, which has given the company confidence to move forward with the reopening.

Amfil told shareholders that they are expecting to reopen Toronto locations later this month, depending on the government’s authorization. During the period when the company had shuttered its locations temporarily, it received assistance from the US government through the PPP program and from the Canadian government through CEBA, and they expect more.

Amfil enhances safety protocols

According to the infection prevention and control measures (IPC), Amfil has a three-phased approach to opening for minimizing risk to customers and employees, exercising caution, and combating the spread of coronavirus. The phases include the first phase, which will be for delivery and takeout services only; the second phase will be opening for regular business but fewer hours and the final phase will be opening fully for business.

In all the phases, the company has included cleaning as well as sanitization measures and protocols. Also, the company will have more staff helping in cleaning protocols and increasing frequency of cleaning traffic areas like entrances, restrooms, and checkout counters heavily.

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Orchid Ventures Inc. (OTCMKTS:ORVRF) Signs Licensing Agreement Of Licensing Orchid Brand In Various States



Orchid Ventures Inc. (OTCMKTS:ORVRF) has announced the signing of a License Agreement for licensing its Oregon-based Orchid Essential Brand.

Orchid Ventures to sell Orchid Essential s distribution license in Oregon

As part of the transaction, the company will sell the OLCC distribution license issued to the Orchid Essentials facility located in Clackamas, Oregon. It includes the sale of rights for expansion to Oklahoma and Colorado but under a different agreement at a later date. The company buying the license will conduct its business under Orchid LLC, but ownership will be under Tine Trading Company, LLC.

An experienced management team leads the companies for a portfolio of vertically integrated, multi-state companies boasting of more than 10 years in manufacturing, cultivation as well as in retail dispensaries. Most importantly, the new leadership brings more than 30 years in the supply chain, manufacturing, and sales experience in the CPG and Food Service industry.

Following the signing of the agreement, it is expected that Orechid LLC will assume distribution and operational responsibilities in the state of Oregon within 45 days. In the coming month, Orchid will complete a development plan for production and introduction of Orchid Essential products in other states.

Orchid to receive $630,000 for the acquisition of Orchid Essentials

Tine Trading Company will pay Orchid a sum of $630,000 to purchase Orchid’s revenue and inventory at an Oregon facility as well as expansion rights to Oklahoma and Colorado. The payment will also include the opportunity of securing license rights for Orchid Essentials on other states. Orchid will receive license fees on the Orchid Essential sales for a ten-year term from Orechid, which will also acquire all packaging and vaporizer hardware through PurTec Delivery as part of the licensing deal.

Orchid CEO Corey Mangold indicated that this is a massive move in changing the Orchid Essentials’ business strategy l to a licensing model. He added that the chance to partner with Tine will give the company a way of establishing its licensing terms and infrastructure to expand their brand platform.

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Mountain High Acquisitions Corp (OTCMKTS:MYHI) Completes Acquisition of GPS Associates



Mountain High Acquisitions Corp (OTCMKTS:MYHI) has announced the completion of the acquisition of California-based GPS Associates Inc. GPS is a company that engages in the manufacture, formulation as well as distribution of CBD hemp products to its Santa Ana-based cGMP facility.

GPS produces various CBD formulations

The company comprises of top professionals that include herbalists, botanists, and chemists that are dedicated to combining premium organic CBD with other synergistic organic herbs to produce the high-quality pure product. GPS ensures that their products are tested to ascertain their purity and potency through third-party laboratories.

The CBD market is full of potential, and analysts indicate that by 2024 it will hit $20 billion sales. This is because there are several CBD applications in the market from various segments such as health products, cosmetics, pet products, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages, as well as skincare.

Acquisition of GPS to help Mountain High succeed in CBD space

The company’s CEO Alan Smith indicated that there is massive potential in the CBD industry. He added that they expect demand for CBD products to increase, especially due to the stresses resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, thus creating accelerated growth.

For the company to be successful in the space, it has to have the right staff in terms of expertise, experience, and capital for differentiation, diversification, and distribution of products. Smith added that he is optimistic that the business combination with GPS will offer that winning formula in the fast-growing industry.

GPS’s fast-expanding product portfolio is distributed online, and the retail brand name of Zen Drops. It is also distributed via white label customers across the country. Paul Gaudreau, the CEO of GPS, stated that they believe in combining the power of organic herbs and hemp CBD in their formulations can optimize results. He added that the GPS team is currently developing new formulations as well as delivery systems. Gaudreau said that with the backing of Mountain High Acquisitions, they expect to diversify their product portfolio and enhance distribution.

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